I am a white collar inside a high technology company. I have a nice car myself, and I buy its bill via monthly installment. I love my car, but I am not really satisfied in the made in stereo. It’s black and old fashioned in looks. Red is my well-known color and I wanted everything in my car is inside color of red. Up to now, only the stereo isn’t red due to the fact my hands are a small bit of clumsy and can’t handle the car stereo installation myself.

I do try to hire or pay someone to install my online car stereo, but either due to the fact my car has a several configuration or since they are not the professionals, they just can’t do the car stereo installation as me. Then I decided to not to buy an online car stereo, because no a single is offered to install it on your car and make sure it can properly work.

Just yesterday I went to a garage store, and had a contemplate there models. They do have a large amount of stereos, but they’re either as old fashioned as my very own stereo or too costly for your white collar worker to get it. Mainly because I cannot have a match inside the brick and mortar store,