While starting the interaction, you should be careful, as the loss of attachment can damage the types of equipment in your car and can destroy the nature of the car’s stereo frame (www.audiocom.no). It would be best if you were precise as the sockets fit into their special attachments.


• After purchasing another car sound system, check that it matches the old sound system’s location. Along with the new car stereo frame, buy a cable that is automated by the car and stereo model and proves splendid for the new car stereo frames.

• Before you get to work, organize not many devices such as the power strip, wire cleaners, screwdrivers, and wire cutters.

• If you cannot unscrew the old sound frame, take the correct method to remove it from the dashboard where the new stereo equipment will fit.

Removing the old car stereo

• from the beginning, disconnect the negative connection from the battery, as you should never work with the associated link.

• Remove the machine’s main body to remove the old machine sound frame and check the wires connected in the back (https://www.audiocom.no/bilstereo). There is a solitary accessory with an excessive number of cables connected to them, or probably a bunch of simple cables. If there should be a subsequent occurrence, it is ideal for separating them one at a time to avoid clutter.

• Insert the connectors into the new wiring harness and attach it back to the new car stereo.

If you have done this, you can forget about the next segment.

Manual wiring association

• If there is no cable connection support, carefully connect each of the wires on the back of the new car stereo.

• The negative wire, attached with metal and not plastic, should be associated with a screw close to the mixture’s radio.

• The starter cables and the 12 stable, both positive ones, should be associated with the back of the new stereo.

Location in-car stereo

• All wires should be attached to a solitary connector that protrudes from the additional wiring harnesses or from the one that joined the stereo frame of the machine to which all wires have been attached.

• If there is no new section to install the new car stereo, use the previous one that recently owned the processing plant’s stereo frame.

• Now, place the last connector that is the wiring harness behind the stereo frame next to the receiving wire (http://www.audiocom.no/bilstereo/dab/adapter), a long wire that was recently paired behind the old stereo, and the power wire behind the new car stereo unit.

• Place the stereo frame inside the instrument panel where the last frame was placed, but do not turn the screws, as you may need to test the structure.

• Now is the time to reconnect the battery.

• Turn on the car just as loudly on the car stereo. Check separately whether all the attached speakers are great.

• Replace the screws in the stereo frame and replace the front of the mixing board.

If the results are inadmissible

If you find that the frame does not deliver satisfactory results, you can use a wooden or fibreglass perplex with which the sound quality will improve. You can even incorporate objects to reduce agitation, such as liners, sticks, put several carpets on the inner board and use splashes.